Smart Home

Patrick’s Corner Booth

One Off

One off was my nickname when the Saddle Brook Jockey Club was open on 45th […]

That Guy

I don’t want to that guy. The old man on the block that doesn’t like […]

Abi Stopped By

Back on August 22nd one of the record reps I haven’t seen or talked to […]

High School Reunion

My 40th high school reunion was over the weekend and I had a great time. […]

Ruby Red Slippers

They’ve been missing since 2005 when someone smashed it’s case and took off with a […]

Goodbye To The Queen

Aretha Franklin’s funeral today is a star studded event. Faith Hill, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana […]

Happy Vending

It’s late at night and you are craving a steak, pork chops, chicken or maybe […]


Police Departments and city’s around the country are taking part in a campaign called #9pmroutine. It’s […]