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Puppy Bowl +

The Super Bowl is on Sunday February 4th which means it’s time for the annual […]

Playoff Picks II

Alright last week I batted .500 with my NFL playoff picks. I missed both games […]

Top Names Of 2017

he most popular names of 2017 are out for our babies. Max is the most […]

Acting out VI

It seems that dogs acting out is contagious. I know my dog Dakota is way […]

Snowed In

We have been lucky so far this winter because we haven’t had a snow storm […]

New Year’s Resolution

According to a new survey from Marcus by Goldman Sachs most Americans make New Year’s resolutions […]


I know I like to say I survived another Dallas Cowboys season. I even had […]

Valentine’s Day

All right guys make your plans now for Valentine’s Day now. Last year Valentine’s fell […]

NFL Playoffs

The Dallas Cowboys are enjoying the comforts of home this weekend. Here are my predictions […]