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True Fan

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan through and through. I have […]


I can honestly say I have never climbed into my backseat to take a snooze. […]

Scammer Nailed

How many have you have received a phone call from someone promising something too good […]

Sports Betting And More

Last spring the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a federal ban on sports wagering. After that […]

Sports Disappointment

There’s two things I wanted to watch over the weekend. One was the Alliance of […]

Dating App

With Valentine’s Day coming up here’s a new way to find a date. Samsung has […]

You’re An Assman

I’m an Assman and proud of it. That’s what Dave Assman says more or less. […]

Risky Behavior

Don’t be surprised if you participated in some risky behavior in the past year. Just […]