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Patrick’s Corner Booth

I Have A Chance

Stories like this make me feel good because maybe I have a chance. A woman […]

Only in Florida

This seems to happen in Florida a lot. People making it too easy for the […]

Retired Refs

Two former NFL officials are turning in their whistles and heading into the broadcast booth […]


I have nothing against anyone carrying a gun if they are licensed to carry. If […]

Creator Restaurant

Creator will open its doors in San Francisco Wednesday ready to serve hamburgers for just […]

National Leon Day

Today is National Leon Day, it recognizes June 25th as being six months away from […]

Favorite Jerseys

The list is out for the best selling jerseys in the NFL. Two Dallas Cowboys […]

Ring Ring Ring

Jon Dorenbos didn’t play for the Philadelphia Eagles last season after he was traded to […]

Almost every kid has a favorite toy and¬†Will Ketcher four year old was no different. […]


There’s a report out that former Dallas Cowboy fullback¬† Daryl “Moose” Johnston will be the […]