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Patrick’s Corner Booth

One Off II

Back in September I did a blog about being one off. That was my nickname […]

So We Have A Chance

The Only reason I went to was because I saw a story about the Carolina […]

Week Fourteen

There’s two ways to look at yesterday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. […]

Luke Combs

Grammy Award Noms

The Grammy nominations are out and there seems to be nominees that make you scratch […]

Cold Weather

We can expect cold weather this weekend and I don’t think this will happen but, […]

Helping Others

It looks like we might get some really cold weather this weekend. That usually means […]

Bush 41

For the remainder of the school year all of Texas A&M’s teams will wear a helmet […]

Nut Cracker

Be careful out there if you carry a weapon. A man in Arizona accidentally shot […]

Week Thirteen

The Dallas Cowboys almost did what they could to lose to the New Orleans Saints. […]

Bark N Brews

Bark N Brews in Omaha, Nebraska now has a liquor license so people can have a […]