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Wear Red Day

I hope you wore your red today. Today is National Go Red For Women Day. 80 […]

Worst Kept Secret

The worst kept secret in Dallas could be about Kellen Moore. Tuesday at bowling we […]

How Cold Is Too Cold

How cold is too cold? In Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin it’s right now. The cold temperatures are putting […]

Saints Funeral

If you’re a New Orleans Saints fan and you want to drown your sorrows over […]

Super Food

If you’re one of the lucky people headed to Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta for the […]

Check YouTube

If you don’t know how it works check YouTube before you try this. A would […]

What Were They Thinking

What were they thinking? Two people are in the hospital being treated for non life threatening […]

Coaching Change

It looks like next season the Dallas Cowboys offense won’t be so predictable. At least […]