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Patrick’s Corner Booth

CMA Awards

The 52nd Annual CMA Awards Show is tomorrow night at 7 in Nashville at the […]

Week Ten

The Dallas Cowboys beat the world champions but I’m still not sold on this team. […]

I’m Mad

I’m Mad. How could I be so uninformed? I bowl on Tuesday nights so maybe […]

Mistake Gone Right

It was an honest mistake that paid off for office workers at SoundOff Commercial Vehicles […]

Week Nine

The Dallas Cowboys got off to a terrible start. They move down the field on […]

Ask Butterball

Help is on the way this Thanksgiving for those of us that are not the […]

Army Air Force Game

The annual Army-Air Force game is tomorrow. The team’s will be playing for the Commander in […]

The Earth Is Flat

The Earth is flat according to those attending the upcoming Flat Earth International Conference in Denver […]