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Super Fans

There’s one Los Angeles Rams super fan that’s trying his best to help his team […]

Maine Ice Disk

The city of Westbrook, Maine is inviting visitors to come check a huge ice disk […]

Chocolate Excuse

Researchers in Britain came up with this excuse to suck on a piece of chocolate. […]

Drone Baby

In something you might see on TV the LAPD used a drone to capture an […]

Final Exam

Here’s my final exam for the Dallas Cowboys. I would give the Cowboys a B-. […]

Criminal Mistake

Crimes didn’t pay for a man in Brazil. Over the weekend a man tried to […]

Love Me Some Bacon

If you’re a fan of bacon you’re gonna love what McDonald’s is doing starting January […]

Bowl Disappointment

For what could be a first a college bowl game was cancelled last night. The […]

Christmas Returns

Today is supposed to be a big return day for those that got something for […]