Charmin has Created a Mobile Toilet Service

mobile toilet

Once again the headline really says it all.

I talked about this earlier in the week, but it’s too good not to post. New York City apparently has a serious problem with not having enough bathrooms for all the people that spend all day long walking the city’s streets. Word is if you want a clean bathroom, you have to pay for it (yet another reason I’m thankful to live in Texas).

To help out Charmin has adapted Uber’s idea into something they call “Van-Go.” The idea is, if you’re unfortunate enough to be walking around New York City hearing nature’s call, but without an operational public restroom in sight, you can pull out your smart phone, go to a certain website, and request a bathroom. In just a few minutes a box van will pull up to your location with a lovely, fully-furnished bathroom in the back.

Unfortunately for all the yankees holding in their bowel movements, Charmin only ran the Van-Go for one weekend, but when nature calls, you’d better answer, so it wouldn’t surprise me too much to see this service back in some form in the future. It’s a great idea either way.

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