According to a Public Information Request received by KGNC, the City of Amarillo has agreed to pay Grayson Path a base salary of $285,000 per year, plus life, health and retirement benefits. He will also receive $750 per month in car allowance.

According to the agreement, Path is to relocate and take up residence and maintain it inside the corporate boundaries of local government within 12 months of his start date, which is August 12. To assist him and his family in this effort, the city will pay Path $2000 per month for a maximum of six months, or until his current home sells, whichever comes first. The city, referred to in the agreement as “employer,” also agrees to reimburse Path’s moving expenses, not to exceed $15,000.00.

Of note in the agreement, under Section 2: Duties and Authority, the employee (Path) is to be the “Chief Executive Officer of the Employer” (City of Amarillo). Later, it notes. “It shall be the duty of the Employee (Path) to direct, assign, reassign, and evaluate all of the City employees of the organization, excepting for the city judge, consistent with the policies of the governing body and the ordinances and charter of the Employer (City of Amarillo).

This appeared to be an issue earlier this year when then Interim City Manager Andrew Freeman attempted to make changes within the city’s organizational chart, creating Managing Director positions which the city council suggested caught is by surprise; noting no consent was ever given. This then lead to the focused examination of the City Charter, which is now being prepped for possible change in November.

Path, currently the City Manager of Paris, Texas, was among the reported 77 that submitted materials through the firm Baker Tilly to become Amarillo’s next City manager, replacing Jared Miller who was released late last year. Path and Matthew Allen, City Manager of Garden City, KS were the two finalists for the Amarillo position.

Floyd Hartman will continue to serve as Interim City Manager at his current adjusted salary until August 12, at which point, it is expected he will return to his position of Assistant City Manager, overseeing Community Development, Airport, Utilities, and other departments.


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