Clint Eastwood moving to Amarillo???

The original post for this story is from, not to be mixed up with the Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. According to “certain” reports, Clint Eastwood has had enough Hollywood hills and prefers rolling hills instead. The report on said that Clint Eastwood is tired of the fake people of Hollywood and is currently looking to move to an area where people are real. What better spot than Amarillo, TX, right? I remember when I first moved here, people kept telling me that Matthew McConaughey was looking at moving to Amarillo because of his best friend, who from what I was told was an attorney here in town. Again, no confirmation as to whether or not McConaughey was actually considering moving to Amarillo. But could you imagine going out to eat and crossing paths with Clint Eastwood??? I don’t know about you, but I would have a hard time composing myself if I knew that Clint Eastwood, himself, was sitting across the way devouring a basket of rocky mountain oysters! I say, move to Amarillo, Clint, we’ll welcome you with open arms, the Texas way!



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