Clues For KGNCFM’s “Secret Sound” For Old Dominion Tickets

Here are your clues for KGNCFM’s “Secret Sound” for Old Dominion Tickets.

Amarillo’s Country, 97.9 KGNCFM welcomes Old Dominion live to the Amarillo Civic Center Complex Auditorium with very special guests, Michael Ray, and High Valley. Tickets are on sale now! Meet and greets are for Michael Ray and High Valley.

Or, you can win some with us!

You’ll have an opportunity to win tickets and meet and greets to the show. That is of course if you can tell us what the secret sound is???

We’ll play the secret sound at 6, 8, 10, 1, 3, & 5! Caller number 9 gets a chance to win tickets. If you can correctly tell us what the secret sound is, you win! If not, all of the wrong guesses will be entered here for you to reference as clues.

We’ll keep playing until someone can correctly tell us the secret sound. Good luck from your country concert connection, Amarillo’s Country, 97.9 KGNCFM and!

SECRET SOUND GUESSES: Two items you can find in the home make up the sound. When you guess, guess both items that come together to make up the sound. 

Thursday, October 4: Tamra correctly guessed the first sound: a pen hitting a phone

Tuesday, Oct.9: Tucky correctly guessed the second sound: a baseball bat hitting a cup

Tamra and Tucky are off to see OLD DOMINION, and gets to meet HIGH VALLEY and MICHAEL RAY!

Third Secret Sound Guesses:

Tuesday Oct.9

8:20: Lori guessed – Wine being poured into a glass- incorrect

10:30: Samantha guessed – a yeti cup falling – incorrect (remember it’s two things coming together to make up the sound)

1:40: Natalie guessed – a pen falling into a glass jar – incorrect

3:35 p.m. Lucinda guessed – a spoon being dropped a into a glass jar – incorrect

5:30 p. m. Jessica guessed and coin and a metal bowl – incorrect

Wednesday Oct.10 – Clue is that one of the items is not a coin per say 

6:20 a.m – Lauren guessed – fork dropped into a wine glass – Incorrect

More Clues: 

Janna from the BBB guessed

  1. Coin in Metal bowl – Incorrect
  2. Token in drinking glass – incorrect (but this by far is the closest)

7:05 a.m – Jessica guessed- Pebbles in a glass vase – Half Correct (glass vase is one of the items)

8:11 a.m – Peggy guessed – Washer in a glass vase – Half Correct (glass vase is one of the items)

10:30: Natalie guessed – marbles in a glass vase – Half Correct (glass vase is one of the items)

1:40: Kim correctly guessed – poker chips falling into a glass vase




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