Cowboys season ends

The season is over. Back in pre-season when Tony Romo went down with his injury no one would have predicted the Dallas Cowboys would  be two wins away from the Super Bowl. Two rookie players gave Dallas fans hope, Quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott. All season long we heard two rookies could not play like this or that. Well they are not rookies anymore. NFC East you better look out because these guys will be in Dallas for awhile. As I stated here months ago defense wins championships. For most of the season the Cowboys wanted to keep the ball away from the opposing team. They did that most of the time. Teams moved the ball on the Cowboys defense at will most of the time. Why? Because the Cowboys could never really muster a pass rush. In the NFL you can’t give a quarterback all day to pass the ball. They will eat you up. All season the Cowboys wanted the ball first to set the tone of the game. Make the other team play from behind. In the divisional playoff the Cowboys scored first with a field goal. The Green Bay Packers scored touchdowns on their first three possessions. The Packers were up 21-3. The world was falling apart and all those anti-Cowboys fans were living the dream. The defense wasn’t even getting close to quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He was tearing the Cowboys defense apart. The Cowboys couldn’t get off the field on third down. Rodgers was 12 of 13 for 175 yards and a touchdown and three for three on third down. All of the Packers’ first four scoring drives were 75 yards or more including one that started at the ten. No blitzes during the first three drives. The Cowboys needed a big game from the defensive line and it didn’t happen. After going down 21- 3 the Cowboys finally started to play. Dak Prescott wound up 24 of 38 pass attempts for 302 with an interception and three touchdowns passes , two to Dez Bryant and one to Jason Witten. There was a missed opportunity to Brice Butler. Butler completely misjudged the pass. The Cowboys eventually wound up tying the game twice. The final time at 31 apiece with 35 seconds to play an eternity for Rodgers. The Cowboys defense backed Rodgers up to a third and 20 after a Jeff Heath sack. I saw the Cowboys back up in the awful prevent defense. Guess what Rodgers hits tight end Jared Cook for a 36 yard gain. Mason Crosby hits field goal. Game over, season over. The Prevent defense prevents you from winning in the NFL. In the upcoming draft I hope the Cowboys go defense heavy. The Cowboys need guys that can get to the quarterback. On the sports talk shows they asked if the Cowboys season was a success or failure? If your ultimate goal is winning the Super Bowl. It is a failure for Dallas and 30 other teams. The future does look bright for the Dallas Cowboys.



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