The Dating Experiment Continues

The dating research and experiment continues. I’ve gone out a few times and meeting new people seems to be a little harder. Questions that I’ve asked friends and now you are how do you approach a guy that looks interested? You’ve had the eye contact and even a few smiles, but do you just approach him and start talking? Or do you wait to see if he makes the first move? 

Some of my friends have said to ‘go for it’, while others say wait to see if he comes to you. What if he’s shy? What if I’m the shy one? Hard to believe, but when it comes to that, it almost terrifies me.

Last weekend, I went out with and friend for drinks. I actually started a conversation with a guy sitting next to me. We had a nice conversation and numbers were exchanged. We did talk later on the phone, but something just didn’t feel right. The conversation changed. We haven’t spoke since that evening.

This weekend, I hope to hang out with friends again. I’m actually excited to see what happens and who I meet. Wish me luck.



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