Dating in 2017

It’s been a good while, but I think it’s time to start dating again. But, how do I go about it in 2017? Do I go on a blind date? Do I go online to one of those dating sites? Or do I ask friends to hook me up with their single friends. What to do?

Looking online, there are so many dating sites to choose from. There’s, E-Harmony, sites for the forty-somethings, 50-somethings, and etc. But, how do you start? How do you put yourself “out there”?

And this is actually a good question. I’ve asked friends and they seemed stumped. Some have met and dated people through the dating websites. Some have said to stay clear of them and that they’ve had or heard of bad experiences.

I’ve heard of the speed date where you speak to people for a few minutes to see if you might be interested in dating someone. How can you tell in just a few minutes?

There’s the awkward blind date. This is where you meet someone you don’t know and maybe sit through drinks or dinner to see if there may be a spark that leads to a second date. I’ve been the friend who was to call a friend if the date wasn’t going well. I’ve also been the “wing man” so several friends for both my male and female friends.

So my question, where do you begin?



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