Daylight Savings Time

Well Daylight Savings Time ended over the weekend. And we were able to get an extra hour of sleep, or did we? My internal body clock did not allow me to get an extra hour of sleep because I woke up at my normal time. The extra hour gave me time to fix a problem that was caused by the time change. Time change means I have to go around the house and change all the clocks that are not connected to the internet or on our phones. I have to remember how to change that clock radio in my truck. If you could have an extra hour a day what would you do with it? Go fishing, go bowling, go for a walk, play games? Stay in bed for the extra hour? If you go to bed at your usual time & you wake up at your usual time on the clock did you really get an extra hour of sleep? I don’t have a set time to go to bed I just go to sleep when I’m tired or if I fall asleep in my recliner and I keep rewinding the show I’m watching. OK record this show and go to bed. A week ago Sunday I went to the Randall County Annex and voted. It took 55 minutes could I have that hour back? I believe in the American process and this year’s election has been tiring. Did you see the “Salute to Service” hoodies the teams were wearing during yesterday’s games? My dad served in the Army and fought for this country. I have to have one of those hoodies. Go Cowboys and God Bless America.



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