Dean Martin, “The King of Cool” head out on tour.

I think I’ve asked the question before, “Which celebrities, if any, are you emotionally connected too?” In other words, if they were to pass away, would it effect you? I remember when Princess Diana died, the whole world seemed to mourn the loss. Since I was only a kid when Dean Martin passed away, I can’t tell you that I mourned the passing of the legend, because I was too focused on teenage stuff. As I’ve grown older, Deano Martini, which he originally went by, has quickly become my favorite celebrity of all time. You can only imagine how excited I was when I read that he was going back on tour. But, how does a dead celebrity go on tour? Simple, a hologram. It was recently announced that Dean Martin will head back on the road to reintroduce himself to millions of millennials who may not have a clue of his significance. Apparently, the tour will start in Vegas, then head out for several shows around the country. My question, what kind of venue is required to host a hologram concert, and how much does a hologram concert ticket cost? I can tell you this, because of my infatuation with Deano, if it comes anywhere around here, I’ll be there! Would you be interested in watching a hologram concert of a dead musician? If so, who? And, how much would you spend on a ticket?



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