Delay Of Game

The team that’s due to come to Amarillo next year had it’s game delayed for a little bit last Friday night. A snake decided to take in a little baseball in center field when the Missions were hosting the Frisco Roughriders.  The grounds crew eventually caught the five footer after chasing it down with rakes and a bucket. As in all sports the snake was probably only three and a half feet long. Every team adds or subtracts from a player physical attributes. If a short stop is listed as being 6′ 1″ weighting 190 pounds he might really be 5′ 11′ 170 pounds. Thursday game was also delayed when a cat was roaming the warning track. The Missions went on to win 5-4, the team’s tenth win in a row. The Missions are currently in first place in the Texas League South standings. In fact they have the best record in the Texas League. I can’t wait for baseball to return to Amarillo. I don’t think I’m ready to start paying for parking downtown. But, bring on some baseball baby.



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