Do Something New

When I get off this weekend,  I’m planning to do something new. I plan on watching shows like the DIY Network, YouTube,  and HGTV. I also get ideas from Pinterest. It’s amazing all the things people will do with just a few days off.

I like to try to do something new to improve my house, which is my little fixer-upper. Most of the projects like I’d like to do, would take me and maybe two or three other people. I would like to get new siding and windows, but that takes time, money, and more than just me.

The project I want to work on this weekend is fixing the crack that is in my ceiling. I think when I got my central heat and air put in, someone stepped on the ceiling and been cracking ever since. Now it’s noticeable and drives me crazy!

I want a smooth ceiling. I’ve even thought about putting up ceiling tiles or planks, but to do that, you need a smooth surface.

But before I start that, there’s an even bigger project that needs to be addressed before I fix the crack. I have to get rid of the popcorn on the ceiling. I hate it so much. I can’t believe this was actually someone’s decorative idea. It’s horrible. And I’ve read everything on how to take it down. It’s going to get very messy! And what’s worse, the people who owned the house before me, painted that ugly popcorn ceiling, so that just means more work for me.

I’m hoping by some miracle, taking off the popcorn from the ceiling will be easy and take no time, but that would really be a miracle. I need that genie in the bottle. Maybe, if I sweet talk my brother and some friends with pizza and beer, we can have a anti-popcorn party. Hmm…





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