Do We Really Need 4G Cell Coverage On The Moon?

NASA and Nokia are Building a 4G Network On The Moon!

Good news NASA Nerds – you’ll soon be able to play Candy Crush and scroll through Instagram on the moon. NASA and Nokia are teaming up to build a 4G communications network on the moon, which will be deployed by 2022.

The network would be used for functions like navigation systems, controlling lunar rovers, and streaming high-definition video, Netflix and Hulu won’t watch itself on the moon! It’s the next step in a long-term plan to build a permanent moon base – which itself is a step towards one day sending people to Mars.  I am having trouble making it back to Dallas to visit family, I have to go one destination at a time. 

Would you volunteer to live on the moon?  Depends on how the elections turn out! LOL! 

I would just like to have constant coverage here on earth before we start trying to decorate the moon with cell towers. 


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