Dog Alimony

I can’t imagine if I broke up with someone I was living with and leaving my dog behind. Most of the time you know who the dog belongs to. I had a black lab named Moose that passed away a few months ago. He was my dog. Chico is a long haired chihuahua. He is Cindy’s dog. If she left she gets the rights to Chico. Max looks like a heeler/terrier mix. He’s supposed to be Logan’s dog. Max is his own man or dog. I just got a puppy over the weekend. His name is Dakota a lab/shepherd mix I think. He’s supposed to be my dog but he hangs out close to Cindy which Chico does not like. He sits near her chair either in front of it or beside her chair. Dakota hangs out with me when Cindy leaves for work. He’s pretty head strong right now. He’s not big enough to jump up onto the couch or the bed. Chico snaps at him when he puts his front paws on the couch or on the bed or gets in the vicinity of Chico. Chico has a lot of hair on his tail which attracts Dakota eye. So Dakota pulls on Chico tail. In those instances Chico just growls and does not snap at the new puppy. That I don’t get. Anyway what if a couple only had one dog. Who gets the dog? There’s a woman in New York that is suing her ex over non payment of dog alimony. No kidding. Sarah Bronilla is suing Joshua Rosen for $32,000. After six years of marriage they separated in 2012. She says he agreed to pay $200 a month in dog alimony, pay for all of the dog food and part of the dogs medical bills. Oh yeah she’s also suing for $20,000 in alimony and for part of the proceeds from a surf shop business Rosen sold. She says he owes her $80,000 from that sale. So is she suing for the dog or herself? I know I’m not leaving my dog behind no matter what. Visitation rights for her maybe but not my dog. Oh the dog in the middle of the suit is a english bull dog. No where as cute as any of my dogs.



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