Dog Lover

I’m a dog lover and I lost one of my best friends, Moose last Thursday. I saw this story today and It made me mad as heck. A postal worker in Alabama allegedly fed at least one dog meatballs with nails hidden inside. Susana Burhans is out on bail and is currently on non-duty status. She faces up to ten years in jail if convicted. Ed Glover of New Hope says he found meatballs laced with nails on the ground near his mailbox outside his home. He took his dog, Missy to a veterinarian because he was worried about her. An X-ray of Missy’s stomach revealed nails inside. At least one more person person has filed a complaint in the case. When your animals are in the front yard or in the backyard you worry about someone that doesn’t like then barking will poison them or do what is alleged in this case. I personally think what good for the goose is good for the gander in cases like this. If you poison a dog you should have to eat poison too. Feed a dog meatballs with nails you should eat the same. That way people that treat animals with cruelty might think twice. But that’s doubtful because there are just some bad people in this world. I’m gonna miss Moose and I think my other two dogs miss him too. Max barked for hours Thursday night and he started barking the first thing Friday morning. Where’s my buddy? Right now I don’t want to get another dog and I’m wondering if I want to get a big dog again. I know I’ll probably see a dog that hasn’t been treated right and I’m bring him home. After all that’s what dog lovers do. R.I.P. Moose.



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