Dogs understand you

This isn’t going to come as a surprise to anyone that owns a dog. When you say certain things to a dog he understands what you’re saying. Attila Andics, a neuroscientist at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest led a study that scanned the brains of dogs as they listened to a trainer. Like humans dogs used both sides of their brains to understand speech. The left side of the brain processed the words and the right side processed intonation. Dogs understood praise based on what was said and by how it was said. When the trainer used meaningless words in an encouraging, with a positive tone or when meaningful words were spoken in a neutral tone, the dogs didn’t have the same understanding. My dogs understand the words treats, cookies, beef jerky, go pee, wanna go, shake your head, remote, what did you do?, who did this? and a lot more. I know my dogs don’t understand me when they cock their head to one side as if to say huh?. Or do they? Are they playing a trick on me? Chico understands go outside and take a bath. If he doesn’t want either one he growls, which is cute because he’s a five pound Chihuahua. What’s he gonna do to stop you. Moose is my 97 pound black lab. He doesn’t understand the power he could have over everyone with his powerful jaws. Max on the underhand is a 15 pound mutt that just wants to play all the time. If any of my dogs is going to bite you, it’ll be Max that looks like a mix or a heeler and a terrier. By the way the dogs in the study all participated willingly and without restraints.



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