There’s was a total eclipse of the sun today that could be seen in several cities around the country. If you were one of the people that couldn’t get a pair of the special glasses to look at the sun. You can see the eclipse courtesy of the United States Postal Service and a company in Colorado called Chromatic Technologies. The company came up with a special ink that changes color. the postage stamp commemorates today’s eclipse. All you have to do is press your finger on the stamp and it slowly changes into an image of the moon. When the stamp cools off it changes back to the image of the eclipse. Chromatic Technologies CEO Lyle Small says workers at the company are a bunch of nerds and bringing the eclipse to life in the stamp was an incredible experience. Small says there’s a thermo-chemical process of mixing fats with color dye that helps the stamp change colors. The stamp came out in June and is available online on the U.S. Post Office’s website. I got to see a partial eclipse because when I was leaving for lunch Amy & Kate from our sister station 100.9 The Eagle were looking at it with the glasses and asked me if I wanted to see it. My next door neighbor Linda also let me see it with her glasses when I got home. If I get one of the stamps I’ll probably keep it instead of using it paying a bill. Reportedly the stamp are going quick, kind of like the special glasses.





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