Your grip strength can be improved just by doing these two simple drills.

The Dead Hang… Grab a pull-up bar, palms facing away from you, arms about shoulder-width apart.
Hang for as long as you can, anywhere from ten seconds to two minutes. Rest, then repeat. Do three sets.

The Farmers Walk.. Hold a pair of heavy dumbells, arms by your side. Stand tall and look straight ahead.and slowly walk forward.

Engage the muscles of the shoulders, so the dumbells do not touch your thighs… Walk until your grip starts to fail or your form breaks down. Rest then repeat. Do three sets.

You can also turn this into a straight hold, eliminating the walk and grabbing heavier weights. Or hold a lighter weight on just one side.. this will fire up your core..

On behalf of Care Express Wellness Coach Rhonda Roden.. I’m Chuck Williams wishing you to Be Well and Stay Healthy and I’ll see you next week on Eye On Wellness on KGNC