Fall Leaves

I have to apologize to my neighbors but Mother Nature has played a cruel trick on me. We haven’t had a hard freeze, a freeze hard enough to make all the leaves fall off of my fruitless mulberry trees. Usually we’ll have a freeze and all the leaves will fall at the same time. This year the leaves have been falling off at a very slow pace. When the leaves fall off at once they’re usually moist. This year’s leaves are dry. Last week I bagged a bunch of leaves. My neighbors bagged a bunch of leaves even though we can see a LOT of leaves still on my trees. The leaves at the top of the trees have fallen off. The leaves on the lowest parts of the trees are still there. My neighbor to the north of me was out with a rake and leaf blower when I was leaving for work at lunch. The rest of the leaves should fall soon because of cold weather. This weekend I’ll work on getting the fall leaves up out of our yards. Mother Nature could help too with 50 MPH winds.



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