First Day Of Fall Ya’ll

It’s the first day of fall ya’ll. To me, that means cooler temperatures, football, (which has already started) colors like orange, brown, green, and red, and a lot of raking the front yard. I love fall for the smells of spice, not necessarily pumpkin, but the smell of a warm fire. I love that smell. Unfortunately, I don’t have a real fireplace, but I a scented candle called Fireside, which I can get at Bath & Body Works in the mall. They have another one that’s close to Fireside called Marshmellow Fireside, but Fireside is mu ultimate favorite.

I also like the smell of a warm apple pie, again another candle I can get too. I usually have a scented candle in my kitchen that smells like caramel apples in the fall and winter. The Fireside candle is in my living room and bedroom. But with all the different scents out there, they have one for everything. All types of fruits like oranges, cherries, and pumpkins. They have candles that smell like leather, which is another one I like in my living room. There are candles that smell like leaves, a new car, hot cocoa, cider, and even some perfumes. I guess what I’m saying that these smells remind me of fall. I’ve already decorated my living room, dining room, and kitchen for fall. There’s lanterns, pumpkins, orange and green leaves, and twinkle lights. Can’t forget the twinkle lights, can’t forget the batteries for those twinkle lights either. In the evening, when it’s nice and quiet, I like to turn on all my twinkle lights. They’re everywhere in my lanterns, pumpkins, bowls, and flower arrangements. And with the scent of my Fireside candle, which I never light up, I use a warmer, they seem to last longer on a warmer, I can sit and watch one of my favorite classic movies like An Affair To Remember, Charade (anything Cary Grant), Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, or Moonstruck.


I also like to read more in the fall and thru the winter. I can get a blanket, wrap it around my legs, sit in my comfy chair and read with a nice scented candle like the hot apple cider.

For those of us who like the fall, enjoy.



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