Froot Loops Bacon Mac N’ Cheese Hot dog?

Happy opening day of baseball, everyone! I’m not sure what’s worth celebrating more, the return of America’s past time, or the unusual food concoctions that stadiums continue to create??? Last week I told you about the Turner field in Atlanta concoction where they created a, “Burgerizza!” The, “Burgerizza” is a hamburger with slices of pepperoni pizza acting as the bun. The “Burgerizza” can be yours for only $26 bucks! Who would pay for something like that? Just when you thought the “Burgerizza” was a game changer, along comes the hot dog topped with froot loops and bacon mac n’ cheese. I get the bacon mac n’ cheese, but froot loops? And, what’s up with the way I have to spell froot loops with two o’s? Why can’t I spell it the correct way, fruit? Anyways, I’m all for unusual food concoctions, but this is weird! Does the sugary froot loop counter the salty hotdog? It doesn’t say how much this bad boy goes for, but if I had to assume, which I really hate to do, the froot loop, bacon mac n’ cheese hot dog might run you $25 bucks! In addition to the weird recipe, you have to attach a significant price tag for it to become stadium food legit. Let’s play ball!



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