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Full On Christmas Decorator Mode

Now that I’ve decided that the repairs inside my house can wait, it’s time to decorate for Christmas! Usually by this time, I’m done decorating (I start 2nd week in November) and adding things here and there, but because of several delays on the repairs, I’m decorating!! Christmas is my favorite to decorate for. I love Christmas!


With a little help from my girls (Sugar and Honey) I started to get out some decorations. Mind you, I have enough decorations for all of my rooms in the house, but first, the living room, then the bathroom, and the kitchen and dining room. This year, I’m actually thing of putting up a tree in my bedroom. I have three trees so why not get use of them, right?

As I was pulling things out and getting things together, I realized that a lot of my decorations are reindeer. I love them!! I bought a new reindeer just a few weeks ago at the Rustic Leopard in Wolflin Square. If you get a chance, check out the store. It has all kinds of things for you to put in the house and clothes! One of my new favorites! Another favorite place for me to find decorations is Kirklands in the Forum Shops on Soncy.

So far, I’ve got most of the decorations up, but I don’t know if this happens to you, but when I’m decorating, I think of things I’ve seen in the stores, and if I can, I’ll go get it to add more. That’s probably why I have so many decorations. But if you’re like me, I like a cozy feeling Christmas.

I’m hoping to get everything done by this evening, but we’ll see.



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