Getting To Know Me

Hey there, I thought this week you could get to know me. I know that a lot of people have been listening to KGNC FM for years, but do you really know the people behind the mic? You know what we tell you, which really isn’t a lot. Some are outspoken about who they are, and some tend to be private.

When I first started in radio, I thought it was great because I could be heard and not seen. Back then, I was still feeling awkward about myself and was a little shy. I was the one that sat with everyone, but didn’t speak until someone spoke to me. I think it was because growing up, I was bullied. I was the buck-toothed girl, the girl with the glasses, and the fat girl until high school, then things changed. In high school, I was popular. I had my circle of friends and I was okay with that. I was a friend to everyone. The people who bullied me from elementary thru junior high, they seemed to fade away.

After being in radio for a few years, the idea of being heard and not seen started to fade away because we went out places. We did live broadcasts. People started to see who I was. People were shocked because I wasn’t who they pictured in their heads which usually was a small little white woman that maybe looked like Loni Anderson. I got called Loni Anderson a lot, but I looked nothing like her. You know the saying, “If I had a dollar every time I heard…I’d be a millionaire?” It’s true, I heard, “you don’t sound black” a lot. Every so often now, after all these years, I still hear that. I think it’s funny.

I like board games, especially Monopoly. I used to collect the different Monopoly games boards. I even have one made out chocolate. I know some people think it’s a never ending game, but it is fun if you play it with people who are as crazy about it as you are. I even collected the Monopoly games for my PC as well. But I do like other board games too like Trouble. Card games, I like Uno, Gin, and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. I do have a guilty pleasure, The Sims is my favorite PC game. I’ve sat in front of the computer for hours playing it. I like that you can build houses, apartments, and stores. You can make a Sim like you and build their life like you want it. Almost anytime that I play, I learn something new to do. It keeps me at home, especially when the weather is bad and I don’t get out.

I started playing the Sims when it first came out and when I was at home recovering from a surgery, which I’ve had many, I would sit and play The Sims. I don’t play it as much as I used to, but when I do, I’m there for hours.

Some of you know that I’m a breast cancer survivor, and have been since 2007. The first two years, it was surgery after surgery. Nine of them. It was a rough time and it was hard. But I had my dad and brother there with me and a few friends to keep my spirits up. It was a painful experience, but through the good Lord, I survived. I felt like I had to be strong for so many people. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. I kicked cancer’s butt. There were complications from the chemo. It damaged my heart. I have a defibrillator in my chest now. My heart does functions on its own, but because of the damage, the defibrillator is there as a precaution. So I can literally say “I’m wired.”

My favorite color is purple. I wear it everyday. It’s in my hair. Before I had a home of my own, I would collect everything purple. I just knew that every room would have something purple in it. I had vases, candles, pillows, rugs, picture frames, you name it, it was purple. But when I did get my house, I didn’t decorate as much purple in as I thought I would. Even to this day, you might see it a little in and around the house, but not too much. But I’ve actually thought about painting my house purple and white. That could be a possibility in the near future.

I’m still single. I’ve always said that I want what my parents had, so I’m still waiting. I know they had their ups and downs, but they loved each other to the very end. I was in love before, you know that one love, but he died. For a lot of years I thought I’d never get over it, over him, but I knew he wouldn’t want me to be alone, and I know I’ll see him again some day. I used to think that once you had that one love, you wouldn’t find it again. I think it’s possible to love again, and hopefully, I’ll find it. We’ll see, I’m optimistic.

That pretty much sums me up. Any questions, just ask, we’ll chat.  I’m quite the social butterfly now, not so shy anymore. Until next time.



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