Guy Wins Lottery After Stopping For Dog Treats.

A guy won the lottery after stopping for dog treats.

I keep telling you, if you win the lottery, it’s your denstiny, I mean, your destiny. For 10 extra points, can anyone tell me what movie that’s from?

Dale Farrand thought his dog could go for some slim jims, so like any good dog parent, Dale put on his shoes and headed out to the store. While picking up his dog some treats, he thought, might as well by a scratcher while I’m here.

The $350,000 Cash Spectacular scratch-off won Farrand a $10 million prize.  He decided to take the lump sum, which netted him $6,718,000 after required withholdings.

Dale said that he started shaking in his car when he realized how much money he had just won. Lucky “dog!”



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