The Home Repairs Continue

Once you decide to be a homeowner, the repairs come up more frequently than you want. It may be something you need to fix like a leaky faucet, or that hinge that squeaks.  There’s always something for you to repair or maybe you want to add something to the house like a bathroom or remodel the kitchen, there’s always something. 

The June 9th hail storm we had, damaged my house pretty good. It broke out windows and damaged the siding.  I’m pretty excited because I’m finally going to look at siding samples for the house. I hate the color that’s on my house right now. I’m ready for my house to look new and fresh.

If I could, I’d change the windows, the front steps, the doors, storm doors, the thresholds, the outside lighting, the kitchen, cabinets, counter tops, the floors, and the list keeps going on and on, and that’s not including the shed in the back or the landscaping. Who doesn’t have these things on their wish lists?

Little by little, things are getting redone, repaired, or replaced. My house…it’s a work in progress.



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