Hot Dog

July is National Hot Dog month and an estimated 150 million people will consume hot dogs on the 4th of July. According to The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council 61% of the people polled prefer beef dogs, while 12% like a pork dog and 7% would eat a turkey dog. Tomorrow is the date for the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Brooklyn, New York. Joey Chesnut is the defending champion and is the odds on favorite to win. Last year he ate 70 hot dogs to retain his title which he lost to Matthew Stonie in 2015 when Stonie ate 62 dogs. The winners will get $10,000 for scarfing down the most hot dogs in ten minutes. The Major League Eating Circuit offers up to 500,000 in prize money each year. Molly Schuyler, a 124 pound woman that ate three 72 ounce steaks and the sides in 20 minutes probably gives the guys a run for their money. There’s a weigh in for the hot dog eating contest and at first I said “Why?” but after thinking about they can say little so and so weighing in at just 105 pounds ate 39 hot dogs. If you’re a bettor here are some of the odds they have for the contest. Joey Chestnut is a 2/7 favorite to win followed by Matt Stonie at 9/4. On the women’s side Miki Sudo is the odds on favorite at 1/4 followed by Sonya Thomas at 5/2. The Over/Under on hot dogs eaten is 67.5 for the men and 39.5 for the ladies. I think the most hot dogs I can eat in one sitting is 5 which I do on a regular basis when I eat hot dogs. I have never tried to eat six in one sitting because I would have to open another package of hot dogs. I prefer Oscar Meyer beef wieners cooked in the microwave as opposed to boiled. Broiled in the oven or just off the grill is good too. The only condiment I eat on a hot dog is relish. There is no way I’m eating a hot dog bun dipped in water. Have a Happy 4th.



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