Houston guy stops traffic to propose to his girlfriend

It seems like everyone nowadays is constantly looking at one upping the next person when it comes to marriage proposals. Apparently, the more unusual the environment in which you ask for their hand in marriage, the more likely they are to say yes, I guess??? My proposal to my wife was pretty traditional, did in front of family and friends. Nowhere close to being on the same level as a Houston man, who stopped interstate traffic, got out of his car, and popped the question to his girlfriend. Come to find out, he’s facing charges for stopping traffic on the interstate to ask his girlfriend if she would marry him. Luckily for him she said yes. Unlucky for him, he could be facing a pretty stiff fine for stopping interstate traffic. This has to be one of those spur of the moment things. I’ll give him a little bit of credit for risking his life for the love of his life. However, if people in Houston are ill-tempered like me on the roads, lucky for this guy he wasn’t beaten on the side of the road. Let’s hope they live happily ever after!



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