It’s National Jelly Bean Day Today!

It’s an entire day devoted to…the jelly bean! This colorful, sweet, chewy candy gets it’s own special day, so we thought we’d share some facts with you.

The Candy Club website has compiled some great information about National Jelly Bean Day, and some fun things you can do with your leftover Easter candies.

With the little ones out of school, you can use them in math lessons (I have 10 jelly beans, you take 3, how many am I going to eat LOL) or make something out of them using toothpicks.

I’ve decorated cupcakes with them before, but did you know you can make Jelly Bean Bark?

So while you’re out looking for Lysol and cleaning products, grab a bag of jellybeans…Just don’t eat the whole bag on your way home!

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