Jerry Jones Just Bought A Yacht The Size Of A Football Field!

Jerry Jones just bought a Yacht the size of a football field.

See what you can buy when you charge a million dollars to go watch the Dallas Cowboys play football…A Yacht the size of a football field.

The Yacht is bigger than the giant screen at AT&T Stadium.

The Yacht, or house on water, is 357 feet long and has not one, but two helicopter landing pads. The palace on water also has a full gym. It only cost Jerry $250 million. The boat can only house 14 passengers but requires 30 to man the beast.

We all learned in Forrest Gump that it’s bad luck to not name a boat. So, Jerry decided to name his new quarter of a billion dollar toy, “The Bravo Eugenia.”

  • A helicopter landing platform
  • A storage area for “water toys”
  • A spa with a sauna, steam room, massage room, “plunge” pool and “rain” shower
  • A lower-deck gym
  • A “beach club” described as “generous and luxurious”


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