Jon Snow got out of a speeding ticket by doing what?

What’s the best excuse you’ve ever used to get out of speeding ticket? I’m sure at some point we’ve all tried to wiggle our way out of a speeding ticket. But what if you’re a celebrity? Does a celebrity have any excuse to use when pulled over by a cop? I can’t think of any. But, what if the cop is a super fan of the show that you star in??? That was the case when Kit Harington was pulled over for speeding. When the officer recognized who he had just pulled over, he told Kit Harington he had two options. Option 1, go downtown. Option 2, tell him what happens to Jon Snow in the upcoming Game of Thrones season. Needless to say, Kit Harington told the officer what he wanted to know before driving off into the sunset. The best part of this story is what the officer said to Jon Snow before he let him go, “On your way Lord Commander, keep the speed down this far south of the wall.” Give that cop a raise!



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