Jordan World Circus Headed To Amarillo For One Day Only!

The Jordan World Circus is headed to Amarillo for one day only!

And we’ve got your chance to win family-4-packs!

I used to tell my mother that I was going to run away from home and join the circus. When I watch the shows, it makes me wish I would have followed through on my threat. I did, however, get to ride an Elephant one-time. Once you’re sitting on top of one, you realize, these guys are really, really, big. Then, I got scared! Still rode an Elephant though.

Listen all day for your chance to get in on the goods. The Jordan World Circus will be in town for one day on Tuesday, February 12th. There will be two shows at 4 pm and then again at 7 pm at the Tri-State Expo! Tickets are on sale and available by clicking here.

“With three rings of affordable family fun, “Jordan World Circus” will thrill fans of all ages. Come see the death-defying aerial acts, animal attractions including tigers and elephants. In addition to the performing acts, kids will have the unique opportunity to ride and pet different types of animals.” (

It’s fun for the whole family and we’ve got your chance to get in for free! Keep an eye out for “Bee” the million-year-old transforming robot.



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