Kit Kats

Last week Hunter Jobbins, a student at Kansas State University tweeted a picture of a note someone left him confessing to stealing his Kit Kat in his car. The folks at Nestle saw the tweet and sent Jobbins 65 hundred Kit Kats. I wonder if I tweeted someone stole my Jolly Ranchers if they would send me a butt load of the candy treats. Better yet what if I said someone stole my steaks. What is your favorite candy and if you were given thousands of pieces of that candy do you think it would still be special to you. I know if I got that much candy I wouldn’t be afraid to share it with everyone because just about everyone loves Jolly Ranchers. Jobbins says he would love for the thief to come forward so he could give that person a hug and a few Kit Kats.



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