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Law Enforcement and Community Came Together to Begin National Law Enforcement Week

This year’s National Law Enforcement Week started off in a big way, with all major law enforcement agencies across the Amarillo area coming together to Llano Cemetery to pay respect and tribute to the lives lost in the line of duty.

With a multitude of deaths taking place just last year due to Covid-19 or forms of violence, Randall County Sheriff Christopher Forbis spoke about how it was still important to honor those lives lost since the pandemic. 

A considerable amount of the general public made their way to pay respect as well, and to have that form of community between those in the force and residents alike, showing appreciation for law enforcement has been huge for our various agencies across the city. 


National Law Enforcement Week will be from May 16th to the 21st. 

Sheriff Forbis and the Randall County Sheriff’s department



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