Learning Something New

I like to say that I’m a decent cook, but I also like to learn something new. My mom was an awesome cook. She was a chef. She would make cooking look so easy. She would look up recipes and make them her own. A lot of her recipes were in her head, and some she did write¬†down, thankfully. She could make so many things from scratch like chicken and dumplings, which is a family favorite, she made home-made bread. Especially for the holidays. When there were apples on the trees in the back yard, she made apple pies. There were times the freezer was full with apple pies and anytime we wanted one, we’d just put it in the oven. It was so good.

The last gift I got from both my parents, before mom died, was a bread machine. Mom told me it was cheating to use it. But I told her it did all these different things. Things that would help. Ha! She did get it for me, and I never opened the box for years after she died. When I did finally open the box, I told myself that I would finally use the bread machine to “cheat.” Before I got to use it, I moved into my own home. I put it away in a cabinet. It’s time I use that bread machine. There’s a video on how to use it, with the booklet. Over the years, I’ve gotten bread machine cook books, and it’s about time I use them, learn something new.


Now-a-days, I’ll look at a recipe that reminds me of something my mom made. I’ll look a recipe up and usually change it up a bit. I’ve found a way to make a chicken pot pie that tastes better than any store brand, I think. Friends like my spaghetti sauce. Some like it without mushrooms, some like it with the crushed red peppers. My dad liked my chicken stir fry and my salisbury steak. He even said that my recipe for rum cake was better than my mom’s. That was a HUGE compliment. He loved my mom’s cooking. It was hard to try to cook for him after she died.

This weekend, I’m going to try out some new recipes I’ve looked up. I’m sure I’ll change ingredients here and there, but I’m also gonna take a look at that bread machine video. Good thing I still have a VHS player. I just got to figure out what kind of bread I want to make.



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