Let’s Cook Together

With everything on social media now-a-days, you can find all kinds of things. The things I look for are recipes. I love to cook and I like to try new recipes. A lot of the times I’ll look through recipes and even change them up a bit, but who doesn’t do that. You make the recipe your own, just like I did with this beef stew.

I want to create a blog that has recipes that I’ve made and recipes sent to me, that I will try and make and share them with you.

I got the inspiration to do this when a few weeks ago I talked about making chili with beans and meat. The response was huge. I didn’t make Texas chili. A lot of people said that beans are never put in Texas chili. I made my own version of chili.

With this blog, I’ll make snacks, entrees, appetizers, and more using the stove, oven, crock pot, and toaster oven. I’ll have the list of ingredients and even pictures and video of what is being made. I’ll even make my chili and other favorites of mine. We’ll have fun doing it together.

If you have a recipe you’d like to share or have me try, click hereĀ 

Cooking with Lani



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