Movie Monday Review

Since Hollywood 16 is celebrating their anniversary for the month of October they’ve got movies for only $5 plus tax ($5.41) Monday – Thursday

I decided to take in the NEW Venom Movie with Tom Hardy

Here’s how I break it down: Silly. So silly. Stupid silly, yet fun as hell!

Since there was only a had full of people in the theatre it struck me right away that either:

A. No one goes to a movie on Monday at 11:30 a.m.
B. The critics were right.
C. Dude who cares – it’s a new Marvel movie!

Well, it’s kinda sorta a new Marvel movie. I’ll let you google the Sony/Marvel/Spider-Man mess yourself, but with Venom we are introduced to a super likeable, regular joe journalistic hero turned blackballed ex-journalist who is everything his bizarro world twin Peter Parker is not.

I’m not up on the comic end of things (nor do I claim to be) so I dove into this movie off hype alone – full speed ahead – without knowing the backstory ahead of time. If Tom Hardy can seemingly rock dual cinematic universes with ease, I’m more than down to see how it all unfolds.

Hardy was brilliantly cast as the downtrodden Eddie Brock who, after losing his job due to digging a little too deep for the liking of those in power, sets out to make a living as far away from his previous line of work as possible.

After what seems like an hour or more of backstory, and with everyone on his side – good or bad to be determined – Eddie takes a call from a researcher who knows that her boss (same dude who influenced his firing) is up to no good and implores him to witness for himself the evil that maniacal power hungry hipster scientists do to get ahead.

I was hoping for something way more badass out of Venom. I walked away having watched some incredible special effects, outstanding fight scenes, a spot on performance by Tom Hardy

To the two super geeks who also stayed in the theatre til the bitter end as I did, at least we got one excellent mid-credit scene setting up a future movie



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