Little Big Town Reflect On Daughters

After sharing their new song “The Daughters” with the world on April 7th at the ACM Awards, Little Big Town took some time to reflect on the meaning of the song. Band member Karen Fairchild wrote the song with Sean McConnell and Ashley Ray.

Fairchild said, “This song is about the laundry list of expectations and long-standing traditions put on women. It’s about equality. It’s about hope for our children and what their view of the world will be. It’s not about a lack of believing in God or God’s love for girls.” And Kimberly Schlapman added, “It’s incredibly important to me that my daughters know and believe that whatever they dream up is possible. I want them to feel empowered, supported, confident and free to achieve whatever their passions might be. This song represents all of that.”

But also in the mix, Karen and Jimi have a son, “My hope for Elijah is that throughout his life, he continues to see no race, no religion, no gender, no color the way he does right now. He asked me a few weeks ago why we haven’t had a woman president. And I said, “I just don’t know buddy…but I think it’s coming.”



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