Little kids gettin’ after it on the Rugby field.

First, the good news. Football season is back with a vengeance. Some sports talking heads are calling this past weekends games ┬áthe best opening weekend in NFL ever. With so many games going down to the last minute, you couldn’t ask for more. But what happens in countries that don’t stress the importance of football? What could the kids be doing? Well, depending on where you live, you could be like these little kids gettin’ after it on the rugby field.

It’s been really interesting to hear Nancy’s thoughts after going to her first American football game. Let alone, a Texas high school football game. Nancy couldn’t believe how much goes into a high school football game. From the cheerleaders to the giant inflatable helmets that they run out of to start the game. Also, she was taken back by the band performance during half time. Can you imagine living somewhere that didn’t have high school football on Friday nights? Neither could I. Apparently, according to Nancy, high school sports don’t exist in Canada, or at least they didn’t in the Province she grew up in. Instead, they’re more club sports, with no school affiliation. Then of course my next question, where do all these incredible Canadian hockey players come from? Still waiting to hear the answer for that one.

Over in the UK and Australia, kids, much like our very own, start very early in organized sports. The main difference, while our children and playing football, children from the Europe and Australian are gettin’ after it on the Rugby field. As a sports fan, this is pretty enjoyable to watch. It’s so much more fast paced with less frequent interruptions. Unlike in football, there are frequent media timeouts and delays, they may be on to something.

Watch the video, I think you’ll find it as enjoyable as I did. Enjoy!



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