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Walt Disney passed away on this date back in 1966. I often wonder if Walt ever would have imagined his beloved family theme park to turn into the giant mega empire that it is today. The happiest place on earth, has quickly become the most expensive place on earth. I wonder if he would approve. I’m sure he would, he was a business man. Recently, Disney purchased the “Star Wars” franchise from George Lucas for over 4 billion dollars. The promotion for the film has been everywhere. I’m convinced that Disney is secretly taking over the world. In addition to everything you can buy that is Disney, now you can take advantage of a dating website for folks who are obsessed with Disney theme parks. Those enthusiast can now create a profile and search for partners who, just like them, are obsessed with Disney. I don’t know about you, but there’s only so much, “It’s a small world,” that I can take! Looking for love and you love Disney, this could be for you. Happy hunting!



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