I came close once to winning an 80 million dollar Texas Lotto jackpot when the Texas Lottery first began. Close if you call getting 5 out of six numbers close. I was off by three on the last number. That was back in the day when the drawings were live on the air. I was sitting in Hummer’s watching the results with a record label guy My first three numbers hit. Then it was a miss and the last two numbers were mine. The label guy asked me why I wasn’t excited. I told him if I had hit the first five numbers I would have been excited. But after hitting the first three numbers I knew I would get my money back. The Ticket wound up being for a little over 2300 dollars. The way they do the drawing now 5 numbers will get you a lot more money. Now a days I would get a little over 12,300 dollars. Anyway a young lady in California hit the lottery twice within a week. Rosa Dominguez bought a Power Five ticket in Paso Robles on her way home from Arizona. She won a $555,555 dollar prize. Just days later, she bought one five dollar Lucky Fortune Scratch off that paid $100,000 dollar. Her plan is to go shopping and buy a new car. Then in Colorado a guy named Dylan was awaken from his sleep by a crunching sound. The sound was a bear biting into his head. He poked the bear in the eye and the bear let him go. Dylan got nine staples in his head and the search is on for the bear. Both Dylan and Rosa are 19 years old. Each you can say won the lottery.



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