Michigan School District Had The Greatest Snow Day Announcement Ever!

A Michigan school district had the greatest snow day announcement ever!

A couple of school administrators in Michigan canceled school on Monday in what may be the best snow day announcement video ever.

With the recent Polar Vortex, schools around the country are using their snow days to keep people safe and off the roads. Usually, you would listen to the radio to find out if a school was being canceled or not. Nowadays, schools send text messages, social media, and some really incredible videos to make important announcements.

I’ve gotta say, the principal has a great voice. I wonder if he was a music major before going into education. Or, maybe he was a school music teacher who got into administration? I don’t know, but he’s got a great voice. Both of the guys do.

I had a pretty awesome high school principal when I was in school, but nothing like these two dueting to inform the student body that school is canceled. And, they went viral doing it. Nice job, guys!




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