Morgen Wallen Tributes US Military, Honors Fallen Soldiers Earlier this week

Morgan Wallen paid tribute to the United States military and a fallen soldier from his Alma Mater in Tennessee. The show did not just have good music, it also raised over $725,000 for Humphreys County flood relief. He shared info about the fallen soldier that he knew from school and said, “I’m originally from East Tennessee as y’all know, and one of those 13 soldiers that were killed in Afghanistan went to the same High School that I went to.

The young man that died, his name was Ryan Knauss, and I just wanted to let his family know if you’re watching or you get word of this, that I was thinking about y’all.” During the show, he also said, “And I just wanted y’all to know that I support anyone who’s a soldier in this country, anybody who’s a police officer, firefighter…You guys mean the damn world to me, thank you for giving us a country like this. I just wanted to let y’all know how I feel about that.” 


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