The Mouse Is Dead R.I.P.

After weeks of trying to get the little uninvited guest out of my house, finally the mouse is dead. This was no ordinary little mouse either. This mouse was smart and he wasn’t alone.

I’ve been in my house for six years and this was the first time I’ve had to deal with mice, so what did I do, I asked the big brother, what do I do? We went to Home Depot and he told me to get the sticky traps. I did. Not thinking that once they get caught, they don’t die, they’re just stuck. I put the first sticky trap out and left for a few hours, when I get back, there it was, alive & stuck. It was just laying there, motionless. I felt happy and sad at the same time. I couldn’t bare to touch the thing so I did what some people would’ve done. I went to my bedroom and went to sleep. I had to call a friend over to remove it, I just couldn’t do it.

Someone told me that if you have a mouse, it’s probably not alone. Sure enough, I saw another one. So did Sugar. Sugar is my dog. She saw it at the same time I did and looked at me like, did you see that? Then she laid her head down and went back to snoring. She’s no mouser. I got out another sticky trap, (they come in a 4 pack) set it out, and waited. Later that night, it too got caught. I had to call my brother over to remove that one.

I finally thought the mouse problem was over. I feverishly cleaned my house, especially where I’d seen them running. The very next morning, I was in the bathroom & I saw another one. I yelled, cussed, and scared the dogs. Where are they coming from? Now, I’m mad. I set out the other two sticky traps. This third mouse was smart. He’d jump over the sticky traps. I’d put peanut butter on it and he’d eat it and move the trap. So I put the peanut butter in the center of the trap, he’d eat it and move the trap. Now, this mouse was mocking me. I set out the trap again, this time, taping the trap to the floor. It got caught, but this one screeched at me. I was in NO WAY going to touch this thing so I went into another room where I couldn’t hear it yelling mouse obscenities at me.

The next morning, I check to see if it was still stuck, it was, but only one foot. It spent the whole night prying itself off the sticky pad. I called the brother to come over, no answer. I called my friend, no answer. What was I to do, it was almost off the sticky trap. I take a quick shower, get dressed and looked to see if it was still trapped. It was GONE!!

All that was left was a mangled trap with fur.

I went to make another trip to the store for another packages of traps. This time, I got the traps where they get inside and the door closes leaving them inside & I could dispose of it myself. I set out two traps and put the sticky traps beside it so if it jumped over the big trap, it’ll get stuck and I’ll make another phone call. I went to play poker, because it was poker night, came back a few hours later and checked the trap. The door was closed!!! What after a week of trying to catch this one mouse, I caught it?? Oh happy day!! I checked the other, it was still ready and waiting. No worries, I caught the little mouse that had been mocking for a week or more.

The next morning I checked to see if the little door was still closed, it was. I checked the other trap, the door was CLOSED. Could it be…another mouse. A fourth mouse?? I grabbed the box the traps came in. I read the instructions like 10 times. Did I actually catch two mice? I wouldn’t really know until I picked up the trap. It was safe. If there was a mouse inside, I wasn’t going to touch it, it was inside the trap. I put on some gloves and I used a hanger to get the trap closer to me. It was in a corner. As it got closer to me, I tried over and over to pick it up. I couldn’t do it. I was about to make a phone call when I said it’s not going to get out. Grab it, you’ll know if its in there, and throw it away.

Ten minutes later, I finally picked the trap up. It was flung into the trash. I picked up the second trap, flung it into the trash. There was a little sadness while I tied the trash bag closed and ran out of the house with the bag. Almost broke a nail trying to get the back gate open. I hurled that bag into the dumpster so fast.┬áThe mice were dead. I’m happy. I cleaned the house again.

Fixed holes where I think they were coming through, and have traps waiting, just in case.




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