My Hometown Hero

Veteran’s Day is coming up pretty soon and we don’t want you to forget to upload a photo of your Hometown Hero on our website, KGNCFM.COM.

My hometown hero is my dad, Joseph Clark. Everyone who knew my dad, called him J.C.. My dad served in Vietnam. He was in the Army for twenty plus years, then retired. But before he retired, we came to Amarillo where my dad opened up a recruiting office. I remember the first recruiting office was in the Herring Building downtown, then the office was moved to Sunset Center, and moved again to the Herring building before dad retired from the Army.

After the Army, dad went to work at Pantex for another twenty plus years, then retired from there.

Dad loved to go fishing, play pinochle, bowling, building things, and working on the yard.

Dad has been gone almost 7 years now, but it still warms my heart when people come up to me and speak highly of my dad. I’ve even had people come up to me and told me how my dad changed their life when dad recruited them.

J.C. Clark, my dad, my hometown hero. Upload your Hometown Hero to KGNCFM.COM.



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