When you’re at home in an apartment have you ever wondered what your neighbors were up to? This happened at a nursing home in New York. Two World War Two era grenades were found in a refrigerator. The grenades belonged to a ninety-one year old resident. Authorities plan on x-raying the grenades to see if they are live devices. The others neighbors had to moved to safety till the grenades were removed from the complex. I once came home from work on a Tuesday night and the lady that lived next door left some candles burning and caught her apartment on fire. I pulled up and the manager told me I had to find a place to stay that night. She also told me the fire department had to kick my door in to make sure no one was inside. Before I left a fireman asked if I needed something from my apartment. I grabbed my bowling balls after all it was league night and I knew I had a place to stay the night.





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