New Album By Neal McCoy

It’s not very often that’ll I’ll go buy an album since I can pretty much get what I want for free. Call me spoiled being in this radio business. But I just saw Neal McCoy has a new album called “You Don’t Know Me.” The last time I bought an album it was for just one song sung in a cappella. I love a cappella songs because it’s just the singers with little or no instrumentation. A few years back on “America’s Got Talent” the first time I heard Landau Eugene Murphy Jr covering a classic Frank Sinatra song “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” I cried, no kidding. He moved me that much, he went on to win the season in 2011. There’s another guy from New Jersey on the show this year but I don’t know his name. He got one of the golden tickets to the finals. Now I know I could call Neal and ask him for a copy. But to support the man and his music I need to go buy it. You may or may not know his hits depending on how old you are. Hits like “The Shake,” “Wink,” “No Doubt About It,” Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On,” “Now I Pray For Rain,” and my all time Neal McCoy favorite “Hillbilly Rap” because of “Day-O, daylight comin’ & I wanna go home” in the song. It’s a standard that I don’t know the name of off hand but I guess I should. This new Neal McCoy album is a bunch of standards. I love standards. I hope you go out & get it too. it’s available in stores and digitally now. This album was produced by eight time Grammy winner and Jazz music icon, Steve Tyrell. It’s an album that Neal McCoy has wanted to do for a while. “This album has been on my “bucket-list” for a long, long time,” says McCoy. “I’ve loved and have been singing this music all my life, thanks to my parents. To work with the iconic Steve Tyrell was amazing, and we’re both from Texas so that made it extremely memorable. I really hope the fans enjoy this new, old side of me!” I hope you enjoy it too.
Here’s the albums list of songs.

1. Unforgettable
2. Dream A Little Dream
3. All My Tomorrows
4. Laura
5. That’s All
6. It Had To Be You
7. It’s Been a Long, Long Time
8. You Don’t Know Me
9. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
10. In The Wee Small Hours
11. I Get A Kick Out Of You
12. The Second Time Around
13. I’ve Grown Accustomed To Your Face



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